C&D support ‘A Chance to Talk’ project - C&D Independent Speech & Language Therapy
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C&D support ‘A Chance to Talk’ project

‘A Chance to Talk’ is the latest project developed by ICAN and the Communication Trust (supported by the Every Child a Chance Trust and the Department of Education). The project was carried out with more than of 8000 pupils aged 4 – 7 years in 30 primary schools over the UK. The project aimed to investigate the impact that a whole school approach can have on supporting children’s speech, language and communication development.

The project has shown success in:

  • Increasing children’s language development at three times to normal rate of progress
  • Empowering teaching assistants to support language development via small, regular groups Increased academic performance; including reading, writing and numeracy
  • More appropriate referrals to NHS Speech and Language Therapy services
  • Schools were better able to identify speech and language needs that were previously overlooked

ICAN wants primary schools nationwide to replicate ‘A Chance to Talk’ using a downloadable guide www.ican.org.uk/achancetotalk. Information can be found to support schools in the commissioning process and advice provided on how schools can pool resources and expertise.

Cassie Pierson