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Christmas Talking

Christmas Talking

Christmas day is almost upon us! How are you planning on entertaining your little ones once the mahem of present-opening is done? Lots of us enjoy playing games with family, but how can we get the children involved? Here are some fun games that support learning as well:

  1. Feely bag; this game is good after present opening where there will be lots of toys to put in a big feely bag. The children have to guess the items in the bag; a barbie doll, a ball, a car etc. You could always put two of the same things in the bag (if you have any) and they have to feel around to find the pair of items.
  2. Syllable clapping. Everyone can sit in a circle and someone starts by saying their name loudly, slowly and clearly. Everyone else has to repeat back only by clapping not saying the name – “jon-a-than” = 3 claps from everyone. Keep going around the circle until everyone has a turn
  3. Emotions game; divide into 2 teams with some pictures of different emotions. Someone in each team has to act out the emotion – happy, sad, angry, confused, scared etc and the other team have to guess
  4. For the older ones; Mrs Brown went to the Christmas market and bought…
  5. Secret santa – someone in the room is secretly given a noisy toy and the children have to listen very carefully to hear and find who’s got it.
  6. Present hunt – Give the child/ren direct instructions on where/how to find their presents (it is behind the sofa, on the table). You can make this more or less complex according to your child’s age
  7. Story time – Time to talk about the gifts that have been received and how/where and when we plan on playing with them

Just a few ideas! If you have any more ideas to share let us know!

Cassie Pierson