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Colourful Semantics

Colourful Semantics is an evidence-based therapy approach used by Speech and Language Therapists to help children develop spoken or signed sentence structure. This approach can be used with children with a wide range of needs including those with autism and those with expressive language delay or disorder. Colourful Semantics can, in theory, be used with any child who struggles to put words together to form a sentence. The idea of the approach is that it presents a structured and fun way to support children to extend their language from one or two word phrases to complete sentences in a way that is simple and easy to understand for both the child and for their parents/education setting staff. As well as helping children put words together, the approach also helps children to develop vocabulary, answer ‘wh’ questions and develop their use of grammar.

The premise of Colourful Semantics is that it uses different colours to highlight different semantic meanings within a sentence. This sounds complicated but the approach is based on the question words that we all ask children every day:

Who? = orange
What doing? = yellow
What? = green
Where? = blue
To who? = pink
When? = brown

This approach is something that would usually be implemented by a Speech and Language Therapist and would be ideally carried out at a whole-school level although it is also proven to be effective with individual. If you are interested in Colourful Semantics and would like some more information or if your child is already using this approach and you would like some more advice please contact us via email: or give us a call on: 07510 067 442.

Lizzie Fox