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Lego Therapy

Lego Therapy is a popular therapeutic intervention that is used to support children with social communication and language difficulties such as Autistic Spectrum Disorder. The purpose of Lego Therapy is to help children ask questions, initiate communication, use descriptive language, repair communication breakdown and seek confirmation. All of these skills are essential in order for successful communication to take place. There is a growing evidence base to suggest that children who participate in Lego Therapy groups not only develop skills in all of these areas but that they also go on to transfer these to skills to other environments including the playground, classroom and to their home setting.

So what does Lego Therapy involve?

Lego Therapy is usually run by a Speech and Language Therapist who will work with children in groups of three. The children will be introduced to the Lego Rules and each will be given a job role; these roles are rotated during the session so that every child gets to do each job. Job roles include:

  1. The Engineer who looks at the instructions and decides which piece of Lego he needs. He then asks the supplier for the appropriate piece of Lego.
  2. The Supplier who has all of the Lego pieces. He listens to the Engineer and gives the piece of Lego that is needed to the Builder.
  3. The Builder who needs to listen to the Engineer’s instructions and put the pieces where they need to go.

The group must work together to complete the Lego model. The Speech and Language Therapist will provide support and prompts for each of the children to encourage skills to develop. The Speech and Language Therapist will record each child’s progress in each of the skill areas to track progress.

Lego Therapy is an extremely effective and motivating way for children to learn and generalise language and social communication skills. Therapists at C&D are experienced in Lego Therapy and are currently running groups around Essex and Suffolk. If you are interested in your child getting involved please contact us via email: or telephone: 07510 067 442.

Lizzie Fox