Collaboration with Pickwick Teaching Alliance - C&D Independent Speech & Language Therapy
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Collaboration with Pickwick Teaching Alliance

‘More than 10% of children and young people have communication difficulties and too many are not getting the support they need,’ Bercow Ten Years On, 2018

In light of this frightening statistic, C&D and the Pickwick Learning Teaching Schools Alliance have joined forces on an exciting new project with the aim of increasing teachers’ knowledge and ability to support children with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) in the classroom.

This innovative piece of work is comprised of a 3-tiered approach:

  1. A half-day training session at the beginning of the academic year to introduce SLCN and how to identify these children.
  2. Trainee teachers will spend half a day shadowing one of C&D’s experienced Speech and Language Therapists. Trainees will have the opportunity to observe assessment and therapy sessions and gain a greater understanding of the range of difficulties children can face.
  3. A half-day session at the end of the academic year focusing on how trainees can support children with SLCN in the classroom. This session will include an opportunity for trainees to feedback on their placement experiences.

We hope that by raising awareness of the profession and how we work in schools will increase teachers’ ability to identify and support children in the classroom and reduce the need for specialist intervention later down the line.

We want to thank the Pickwick Learning Teaching Schools Alliance and the Wiltshire schools for their cooperation and look forward to a successful partnership!

If you are involved in teacher training in Essex, the South West or North Wales and want to discuss collaboration then please get in touch on 01206 700270.