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Setting the scene; planning our day with visuals

I love my diary; I plan, organise and live my life according to the hours in each day. I change, rearrange and know exactly where I’m meant to be and who I’m meant to be seeing. Change it unexpectedly and you’ll find a flustered me rushing around making lots of phone calls to sort myself out.

So my diary keeps me in check. It’s written, backed up digitally and colour coded so I know exactly what i’m doing. Sound familiar?

Each and every one of us plan our days differently; we use our phones, e-mail calendars, written diaries or our memories to help us. Children are no different. Teachers will help children to understand their timetables and learn about daily academic routine. Some children, benefit from a more visual and interactive approach as change in routine can be upsetting. Some people worry that introducing pictures to support their children will reduce the initiative to speak, but this isn’t true – it just reduces anxiety which will encourage talking as a result.

By providing children with a blank vertical timetable board, we can add different activities to it and help reduce anxiety about the unknown. Children pull off each activity when it is finished and this quickly becomes understood as time to move onto the next.

We can introduce visual timetables into the home as well, with timetable boards that include personal grooming; brush teeth, wash, change clothes, eat breakfast, go to school, eat dinner, play, watch TV, etc.

Visual timetables are a great way to help children understand what is expected of them and to prepare for what comes next. They’re easy to make and can be lots of fun to use around the home, so get your paper and scissors out and start creating!

If you’d like to discuss creating visual timetables with us, give us a call on 07510 067 442 or email us: and we can help!

Cassie Pierson