Services for Families - C&D Independent Speech & Language Therapy
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Services for Families

We know that the most important people to you are your children. That is why we endeavour to provide a high quality, personalised service specific to your child’s needs. Our experience of working closely with children and families means that we can quickly build rapports and help them to make positive changes.


Our clinic is in the quiet location of Little Braxted.  It has been designed to create a calming atmosphere for children to quickly feel at ease during their assessment and therapy sessions.  We are aware that all children are different so if our clinic is unsuitable for your child we can arrange for therapy to take place at a different location such as your home, nursery or school.


We use a range of assessments to gain a clear understanding your child’s speech, language and/or communication difficulties. Our assessments and therapy techniques are play-based for younger children to ensure that it is a fun experience and that they are not placed under any stress .


The initial assessment usually take an hour and includes collecting the required data, taking a detailed case history and informing you of our findings. We aim to see your child for an assessment within a week of the initial contact and will provide you with a summary report of our assessment findings and recommendations.


The decision to pursue therapy will depend on the severity of your child’s difficulty and whether they are ready and motivated for therapy. Every child’s speech, language and communication needs are unique and so, if therapy is suitable, intervention will be tailored to his/her specific requirements. Each therapy session lasts between 45 and 60 minutes and frequency depends on assessment findings and parental preference.


It is important to note that while our evidence-based therapy sessions are crucial to promoting change, a child is communicating all day, every day and so we highly recommend that parents continue therapy practise regularly under guidance from their therapist.


We are firm believers in multi-disciplinary working and encourage liaison with other professionals involved in your child’s care, such as Teachers, GPs, Health Visitors and other Health Professionals.

HCPC Registered